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We provide professional in studio and in-store calligraphy services to personalize your products and make your gifting extra special with a handmade touch. We are available for event bookings perfectly tailored for brand activations, corporate events, product and media launches, workshops and more.

Engraving on Glass Perfume Bottle

Hand Engraving

Hand engraving instantly transforms a gift into an unforgettable and special one. From wine and champagne bottles to perfumes and ornaments, almost any glass , stone or metal surface can be engraved with a name, initials or special words.


Heat Foil

Heat foil is a great way to add personalization to leather keychains, journal covers. Can be performed at on site live events.


Personalized Gift Bags

Okay you have bought a gift for your loved ones, but cant find unique packaging? No problem! Get these handlettered personalized gift bags to hype up your gifts!


Event Signage

Celebrate your big day by displaying elegant signs with hand-lettered sweet messages. From wedding seating charts on mirrors to chalkboard signs for your parties, we offer it all.


Envelope Addressing 

 An invitation creates the first impression and hand addressing envelopes makes it extra special.


Heat Embossing

Heat embossing is another chic way to upscale your presents. Embossing works the best on cardstocks, mugs, glass and journal covers.

Custom Quotes.jpg

Custom Quotes + Wall Art

Custom Quotes gives you the option of displaying quotes and thoughts you believe in come to life. You can get your favorite phrases or affirmations lettered to hang in your rooms.


Name Tile+ Place cards

Place cards add a personal touch and make a sit down meal extra special by having each guest's name on the table. There are no limitations to just paper when it comes to placecards, Explore place cards on surfaces like leaves, stones, acrylics, agate and more

Paper Quilled Earrings.jpg

Paper Quilling

Handmade paper quilled earrings and cards make the perfect gifts for your loved ones. This paper craft is one of its own and the intricate designs and details make it a special gift.



Do you have unique ideas and want to bring them to life? Contact us today and we will work with you to create something beautiful together! 

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